welcome to Zypher Labs

Zypher Labs is India’s foremost Audio Amplification Technology Company. After over 5 years of extensive Research & Development, Zypher Labs has developed a host of Indigenous Amplification Technologies, ranging from Tube, Class-A, Class-AB, Class-G, Class-H, Class-TD & Class-D. Our expertise lies in the field of High Efficiency and High Frequency circuits of Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Amplifiers, Power Factor Correction (PFC) & Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS).

Zypher Labs today has its own World-Class Class-D technology, which is not available with any other company in Asia.

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What We Brag About?

There surely are some things worth bragging about. For us these are Cool-AMP Series and Dubstepper & Dubstepper Z Series designed by Zypher Labs!.


Innovation at its Best

The Zypher Labs Class-D CoolAmp & DubStepper Modules have been developed by us after several years of Research & Development.


Filtered Feedback Technology

The modules have a 'Self Oscillating' architecture, with patented Filtered Feedback Technology (FFTTM) & optimized layout to minimize switching noise.


Breakthrough performance

This provides Sonic Performance which rivals High-End Class-A amplifiers with the efficiency of Class-D.


Fully Integrated Modules

The modules are Fully Integrated, with on-board inputs, outputs, protections & volume control, reducing wire clutter and noise.


  • Zypher – Leading Innovation Through Technology
  • Advanced Class-D Audio Amplification, Proudly Made in India
  • Self Oscillating Architecture Module, High Damping factor
  • Patented Filtered Feedback Technology (FFT™).
  • State of The art design delivering sonic performance that rivals high End Class A with Class D efficiency
  • Extreme Efficiency (96%) Pulse Width modulation Class D amplifiers …..runs cool with 2Ω continuous loads in indian 45° weather ….cool!
  • Low Voltage and Overload Resilient
  • Huge Toroid Transformers for large current draw
  • Amp Protection Suite having DC Offset, Short Circuit Protect, Auto Ramp, Soft Start, Thermal, Bus Pumping, Over Current and Clip Monitoring
  • German Semiconductors for double current headroom and rock solid reliability