Zypher Labs is India’s foremost Audio Amplification Technology Company. After over 5 years of extensive Research & Development, Zypher Labs has developed a host of Indigenous Amplification Technologies, ranging from Tube, Class-A, Class-AB, Class-G, Class-H, Class-TD & Class-D. Our expertise lies in the field of High Efficiency and High Frequency circuits of Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Amplifiers, Power Factor Correction (PFC) & Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS). Zypher Labs today has its own World-Class PWM Class-D technology, which is not available with any other company in Asia. Zypher Labs today has the capability to make Amplifiers at par with the best in the world. We also have the capability to make the most powerful amplifiers in the world. Zypher Labs is also the only Indian Amplification Company to exhibit at some of the Audio Industry’s biggest International Shows such as Prolight+Sound Frankfurt (Germany), PALM Beijing & Guangzhou (China).


Heart of the Zypher Labs Class-D Amplifiers

The Zypher Labs Class-D CoolAmp & DubStepper Modules have been developed by us after several years of Research & Development.

The modules have a ‘Self Oscillating’ architecture, with patented Filtered Feedback Technology (FFTTM) & optimized layout to minimize switching noise. This provides Sonic Performance which rivals High-End Class-A amplifiers with the efficiency of Class-D.

The modules are Fully Integrated, with on-board inputs, outputs, protections & volume control, reducing wire clutter and noise. Components used are the best available in the world.

State of the Art Design by Zypher Labs!