DubStepper Series

India’s Most Powerful Bass Amplifiers

The Zypher Labs DubStepper Series Bass Amplifiers, are dedicated Heavy Duty ‘Bass Only’ Amplifiers, specially designed to deliver huge amounts of power into subwoofers. The high efficiency of Class-D enables continuous duty at full power with negligible heat dissipation.

Conventional Toroidal Transformers allow large current draw on a sustained basis while increasing reliability through simplicity. High damping factor keeps tight control over the speakers, and the voice coil’s back EMF is recycled into the amplifier’s main voltage rails for even greater power output. Full set of protections, along with a 3-stage speaker protection system. ensure reliability during extended hours of opteration under heavy loads

Because high power into low impedance loads requires high current, extra heavy-duty components are used – 100 Ampere Bridge Rectifiers, 80 Ampere Relays, and dual speakon outputs to connect 4 Ω load on each speakon.

DubStepper Z series amplifiers are optimized for 4Ω loads, whereas the DubStepper series is optimized for 2Ω loads.


SPECIFICATIONS   DubStepper #8 DubStepper #9 DubStepper #10
Output Power Per Channel: 100Hz, 0.1%
THD both channels driven
8 Ω 1500 1750 2150
4 Ω 2450 2800 3450
2 Ω 4000 4600 5500
Input Sensitivity 2v
Input Impedance 10k Ω
Slew Rate 20v/uS
Distortion, SMPTE 0.1%
Frequency response at 1 watt 20Hz – 1kHz
Damping Factor (8 Ω) 1000
Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) 100dB
Crosstalk 85dB
Output Circuit Type Class-D (Pulse Width Modulation)
Controls Front Level Control
Connectors (Input) XLR Male & Female (Balanced)
Connectors (Output) 4x NL4 Speakon (2 per channel)
LED Indicators Power, Signal Bar Graph, Clip / Limit / Protect
Cooling 1 x Variable Speed Fan, Front to Back Airflow
Amplifier Protection DC Offset, Short Circuit, Auto-Ramp, Soft Start,
Thermal, Bus Pumping, Over Current and Clip Monitoring
Speaker Protection Cut-Off Relays on Speaker Outputs, AC Mains Fault Fuse,
Post Capacitance Rail Fuses, DC Detect
Power Requirements (Nominal Voltage) 240v AC, 50Hz
Operating Voltage Range 170v AC to 255v AC
AC Connection 1.5 M Mains Cord with Heavy Duty 16A Three-Pin Plug
Weight 32.5kg 35.5kg 39.5kg
19 inch Rack Units 3U
Dimensions (mm) HxWxD 133mm x 483mm x 379mm (5.25in x 19in x 13.78in)
NOTE: Specifications are subject to upgradation & change without notice.